Teaching: Simulation & Gaming

CI 400: Simulation & Gaming

Analyzes the use of simulation and games as instructional methods in both educational and training contexts. Types of games and simulations studied and evaluated range from simple Flash game/drills on the Internet to board games to online multiplayer games to interactive simulations and full-scale simulators. "400 Feud" (using "Family Feud" game show as a frame) is played in class to review readings. CI 400 includes projects involving the design and development of an instructional game or simulation.


Syllabus from Summer 2008

Class Projects:

  • "Driver's Roll" - First developed in CI 400, this simulation-board game is intended to increase the situation awareness (e.g., danger of distracted driving) of young drivers. See the PROJECTS page for details.
  • "Sassy the Explorer" - A PowerPoint MOCKUP. Page through to see intended interaction.
  • "Tutor Training" - A PowerPoint MOCKUP of a scenario-based simulation to test or train tutors.