Teaching: Multimedia

CI 484: Interactive Multimedia for Learning

An introduction to the evaluation, design, and development of interactive instructional multimedia program. The instructional methods of Tutorial, Drill and Practice, Simulation and Educational Games are covered. Instructional theory and design aesthetics are included. Projects include designing, developing, and use-testing an interactive instructional multimedia program.


Syllabus from Fall 2007

Sample "Just in Time" Multimedia Lecture on "Drills" [5:00]

Class Forum: Fall 2007

Class Projects:

  • ci484 introduces students to the SCENARIO-BASED SIMULATION (SBS) method. PowerPoint is used to create a MOCKUP that students use in a live presentation of their design. These are not intended to be fully functional but do demonstrate the SBS format in a number of different contexts. Examples include:
    • "Plagiarism" by Firm Faith Nelson- intended for course managers having completed training in using TurnItIn. Shows consequences of inaction.
    • "Circuit Diagnosis" by Karen Sullivan and Matt Harrison- intended for aviation technology students to learn diagnostic procedures.
    • "Environmental Policy" by William Mejia- intended for high school students to use in seeing different aspects of environmental policy.
    • "Crime Scene Investigation" by Debra Jones and Robin Brown- interactive investigation of an authentic case.