Teaching: Product Development

CI 585N: Topical Seminar on New Product Development

This course takes an interactive learning product--usually a game or a computer program--through the stages of concept, mock-up, prototype, alpha testing, usability testing, and beta testing. The simulation-board game Driver’s Roll--the project for the last offering of this class-- was completed the new product development cycle and is ready for commercial production. The idea for Driver's Roll came from work in C&I 400 (Instructional Simulations and Games) with the assistance of background research into fatal crashes in the news compiled by the professional writing class at Purdue University. The idea was that inexperienced drivers would play this board game as a way to learn more about the judgment issues that complicate driving. This course took the initial work, refined it, tested it, and productized it--using design instructional design principles and research into the driving issues.

Class Projects:

  • Market Assessment and Adjustment to Idea
  • Physical Assembly of the Game Board, rules, situation cards, articles on accidents, and accident reports
  • Incorporation of Feedback from Driver's Education Researchers
  • Usability Testing with a Local High School
  • Changes to Game Board and rules based on feedback
  • Development of Beta Packaging