Teaching: Internet Applications

CI 482: Instructional Internet Applications

Theories of learning and instruction are applied to the systematic design, development, and evaluation of web-based learning. Includes use of the Internet in classroom/workshop instruction and as a stand-alone instructional delivery system. Web-based learning is investigated in both educational and training contexts. The focus is on learning communities rather than distance education.

Different 482 classes have created authentic online community sites. These include the Professional Development Gateway (no longer active), and the Multimedia Center for Teachers (MMCT). MMCT (http://mmteach2008ci482.wetpaint.com/) is a wiki workspace on which students developed the beginnings of a website supporting teachers in locating, evaluating, and integrating multimedia games and other activities that are freely available on the web. Designed to facilitate teachers reviewing multimedia programs and posting reviews, the expectation is that the project will continue to be developed in other CI classes as well as in the Collaboratory for Interactive Learning Research (CILR).

Syllabus from Spring 2008

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