Teaching: Video Production

CI 452: Video Production
Video has long been an essential aspect of teaching, training, and communications. With recent advances in computer, Internet, and video technologies, the use of video for e-learning is expected to explode in coming years. This intersession (two-week) 3 credit-hour course is run as an intensive workshop that provides a thorough understanding of video formats and production techniques so that students can be effective users of the video medium.

Syllabus from Summer 2008

Class Projects:

  • Making Video Learning Objects: This class produced a learning object for e-learning (see Producing video objects for e-learning) on repurposing PowerPoint presentations for web delivery. This work provided video support for a chapter in an online textbook on repurposing PowerPoint presentations for the web.
  • Shooting Corporate Interviews: To practice a task that instructional designers often are asked to do--i.e., produce a short video for a corporate web site--the class shot and produced a number of short interviews as web-ready video clips. They also completed a video on "how to" shoot professional short interviews.

(sample student projects will be posted soon)