Dr. Fadde in the News

"2017 Winners: 16 unique products are tremendous advances for game of baseball" Collegiate Baseball, Jan. 27, 2017

"Eyes of the Tigers: New pitch recognition technology fuels Mizzou baseball's hottest start in program history" by Marcus Wilkins, March 31, 2017Mizzou News

"Pitch recognition program helped change SEMO baseball" by Dave Matter (St. Louis Post Dispatch, July 10, 2016)

"Bieser brings fresh ideas to Mizzou baseball" by Dave Matter (St. Louis Post Dispatch, July 8, 2016)

"Alumni Profile: Peter Fadde" Purdue Alumnus Magazine, March-April 2016

Tech Transfer

gameSense Sports applies Dr. Fadde's research to computer-based sports perception training.


RV vs. VR: Real Video Versus Virtual Reality for Training High-Speed Decision Making. Talk at Inaugural Sports Biometrics Conference. San Francisco, November 15, 2016
Video (15 min.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubzH-jSd98I

Virtual Reality for Serious Sports Training? (with Dr. Amy Kruse, Mr. Rudy Chapa, Esq., and Mr. Robert Griffin, III). Panel at South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive. Austin, March 16, 2016.

Testing and Training Pitch Recognition for Player Selection, Development, and Opponent Preparation. Talk at Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball. Boston, August 13, 2016
Video (15 min.)

Game Changer or Digital Doorstop? Virtual Reality for Sports Training. Competitive Advantage Talk at MIT-Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Boston, March 12, 2016.
Video (40 min.)

Testing Pitch Recognition to Improve Talent Identification and Player Development Research Poster at MIT-Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Boston, March 11 2016.

Doing Damage at the Plate by Training Pitch Recognition (with Mr. Dillon Lawson, then Hitting Coach, Southeast Missouri State University; now hitting coach, University of Missouri). Clinic at American Baseball Coaches Association - Orlando, January 2015.
Video (35:00)
Doing Damage at the Plate by Training Pitch Recognition

Perception & Action Podcast: Dr. Rob Gray interviews Dr. Fadde about Perception-Action Coupling, Part vs. Whole Training, and VR use in sports.

Current Work
The 6th Tool: Training Baseball Pitch Recognition [E-Book available at Amazon.com] Download free Kindle Reader app from Amazon to read eBook on laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Video: Occlusion Training Program -- College [5:00]

Collegiate Pitch Recognition Training Programs: Southeast Missouri State U (2013-present) and Southern Illinois U (2014-present)
Collegiate Baseball articles : March 12, 2014 & September 5, 2014

Youth PR:
Winner of 2015 Web Ball Challenge on the Hardest Thing to Teach Young Hitters